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Team 2: Environment, Health Systems and Infectious Diseases

Directors: Bruno SPIRE (DR2 INSERM) & Fred EBOKO (CR1 IRD)

Team 2, ESSEM,brings together researchers from the CNRS, INSERM and IRD as well as professors and lecturers from Aix-Marseille University, University of Nice and from the French Army Public Health Service, and focuses on four empirical areas of research with a view to creating closer ties between research carried out in both developed and developing countries:

  • Prevention and access to care for people living with HIV/Aids and HIV-related comorbidities (tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria etc)
  • At-risk and addiction behaviors related to communicable diseases and their links to drug addiction
  • Prevention and care for malaria
  • Optimization of epidemiogical surveillance systems for communicable diseases

The ESSEM team promotes an interdisciplinary approach and systematically attempts to cross-validation of qualitative (using in-dephth interviews, case studies, ethnographic and anthropologic observation) and/ quantitative research methods using longitudinal or cross-sectional surveys. Team 2 is involved in a number of research collaborations with various international organizations from the United Nations system (World Bank, World Health Organization, UNAIDS, UNITAID etc).