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Team 1 : Cancer, Biomedicine and Society

Team 1, CANBIOS associates INSERM researchers, Aix-Marseille University professors and lecturers with biologists and clinicians from the Marseille Regional Cancer Hospital (Institut Paoli Calmettes) to develop research in the following areas

  • Evaluating the public health impact of medical innovations in cancer diagnostics and care especially in the area of oncogenetics and pharmacogenetics.
  • Evaluating quality of life, social well-being and living conditions of cancer patients and long-term cancer survivors
  • Analyzing risk communication for cancer prevention and early diagnosis and its psychological, social and public health consequences.

These approaches are tackled using longitudinal, observational epidemiological methods (for example: the ELLIPSE cohorts on the psychosocial impact of breast cancer , over the medium and long term, in 500 women aged under 40 and of 800 women aged 65 and over in South Eastern France), using cross-sectional population-based surveys (for example: large scale national representative samples of cancer survivors at two years from primary diagnosis) and randomised clinical and intervention trials.