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Observation and Territories

The work of the ORS PACA, carried out in partnership with the three teams of Unit SE4S, is based on the following themes:

  • Regional Health Observation: management and organization of the Regional  Health Information System for PACA (www.sirsepaca.org), local health diagnoses, performance/organisational charts VERIFIEZ
  • Health at Work : management and organization of the Occupational and Environmental Health Information System for PACA (www.sistepaca.org), survey on the needs and practices of doctors in view of the health problems linked to the workplace, regional health performance/organisational charts VERIFIEZ, safety, working conditions;
  • Environmental Health: survey on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the French in the field of environmental health, regional environmental health performance/organisational charts VERIFIEZ, expert reports on environmental catastrophes and major risks.
  • Youth Health: surveys on the health of students and of young children in particular.
  • Nutrition: surveys on problems linked to diet, physical activity and weight problems.
  • Mental Health: survey on student mental health disorders, analysis of the recourse to mental health care.
  • HCV supervision: continued information collection on Hepatitis C screening in the PACA region, both in anonymous and free screening centres (CDAG) as well as in Health Centres (CES).